Sound Brings to Life the Stories We Tell.

When you tell your story, you should have the richest sonic palette available to you – always, anywhere and instantly.  We develop libraries you can rely on to take your ideas to the Next Level – faster and more creatively than ever.

PSE sound effects are featured in blockbuster films, award-winning indie productions and simply some of our favorite movies, TV shows, commercials, games and apps. PSE clients include the world’s largest media companies, independent sound designers, and sound professionals working in creative industries of all types.

Since we launched in 2004, Team PSE has pursued the mission to create the most useful and up-to-date libraries available. We’ve introduced leading innovations from the Hybrid Library, Master Library and NYC Ambisonics to annual multi-user licensing and continual library updates. The press and reviews speak for themselves. PSE is based in Brooklyn NY.


PSE powers the sound behind hundreds of thousands of productions, people, 
 companies and schools. Here are some of Team PSE’s favorites:

  • Silicon Valley
  • Funny or Die
  • Lone Survivor
  • Dallas Buyers Club
  • Call of Duty
  • Star Wars: Battlefront
  • Electronic Arts
  • Warner Bros.
  • Disney
  • BBC
  • Red Bull
  • Google
  • Skywalker Sound
  • Beau Borders
  • Ryan Billia
  • Ken Skoglund
  • The Art Institutes
  • Elon University
  • University of North Texas

What We Offer

Online Library

Search, Audition, Download from over 175,000 sound effects.

Hybrid Library

Our most storied general library.

Master Library 2.0

Our biggest & baddest.

PSE-Curated Libraries

100+ Unique libraries in 25 categories.

Simple Licensing

100% Royalty-Free from 1 user to 1000’s. Annual and Buyout options.

Team PSE

We are aligned and nimble, in our Brooklyn office, in the cloud, and across the globe. These core members guide Team PSE’s continual pursuit to help you tell your story with next level sound effects:

Douglas Price
Founder & President

Transforms strategy into mission accomplished

Factoids: 1-wall handball fanatic, Works more than a 4HWW (Ch. 7).

Jeremy Siegel
Sales & Licensing

Makes sure clients get the most value

Factoids: Can spin a frisbee on his finger forever. Bassist and engineer/producer.

David Forshee
Library Development

Ensures our Library is the best it can be

Factoids: Nickname “Forshinator,” Sound designer.

Andrew Emge

Brings it all together like glue

Factoids: Tallest Team PSE member, Drummer with affinity for broken cymbals.