App FX Sound Effects Library

by Blastwave FX
  • Design Audio Content for iOS & Other App Platforms
  • 1 DVD DVD/4,000 sounds

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The DVD & Download each include the following formats: 

24 bit /96KHz, 16 bit / 44.1Khz, MP3, and .Ogg

At last, app developers can find a sound effects library perfectly tailored to crafting sound content for mobile app platforms such as iPhones,Androids, iPads, and practically any other interface—including websites and video games. ...Meet App FX:

Comprised of 4,000 sound effects, this collection features robust offerings within categories like Actions, Alarms, Beeps, Bells, Buttons, Chimes, Gears, Musical Elements, Negative Elements, Notifications, Percussion, Positive Elements, Ringtones, Switches, plus more than 1,000 General Sound Effects that also include bite-size Ambiences you can loop to your heart's content.

App FX comes complete with a full license for mobile app products with duplication and distribution.

Each HD sound effect was designed and mastered by Blastwave FX's team at the Detroit Chop Shop, rendered in 24bit96KHz and delivered in popular audio formats for interactive applications: MP3, 16 bit / 44.1KHz,.Ogg. The collection is fully cataloged for ease of use, and complete with embedded metadatafor easy search and retrieval.

Craft some noise for your next app using App FX. In the age of handheld media, Blastwave FX puts the tools for the next big thing directly into your hands.

Availability: In stock

Price: $499.00
Actions Alarms Beeps Bells Buttons Chimes Gears Musical Elements Negative Elements Chimes Notifications Percussion Positive Elements Ringtones Switches General Sound Effects Loopable Ambiences

Availability: In stock

Price: $499.00

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