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Published on September 21st, 2012 | by PSE

Tom Fleischman Talks Old School Sound Effect Libraries

Last night I attended “Music and Audio for Film,” a panel dis­cus­sion held in the NYC SOHO Apple Store fea­tur­ing Acad­emy Award Win­ner (most recently for Hugo) Tom Fleischman.

I came across a pod­cast Tom par­took in with Hollywood-based 123 Film Easy. He spends some time dis­cussing his entry into the sound-for-film world dur­ing the 1970s; well before the advent of the com­pact disc, Oxi­Clean, or the Bowflex – let alone the mp3.

Back in this borderline-horrible epoch, old school sound effect libraries were cat­a­loged to mag­netic tape. Tom dis­cusses the blood, sweat and tears that went into the task: “painstak­ing work” that demanded lis­ten­ing, list-making, splic­ing and edit­ing the tape, cat­e­go­riz­ing… until after three months he had edited together his first sound effects library.  In these days, even after the library was com­piled, a librar­ian needed to find the tape that held the sound effects as per an editor’s request.  Then, the editor/mix engi­neer had to set up the tape and re-record it into their mix.

Lis­ten to inter­net radio with 123 Film Easy on Blog Talk Radio

Nowa­days we have DAWs, non-destructive edit­ing and embed­ded meta­data: sound edi­tors can sim­ply type in the sound they’re look­ing for,  audi­tion with a click, then drag and drop into Pro Tools (or what­ever edit­ing plat­form your heart desires).

We some­times take for granted how tech­nol­ogy stream­lines the sound edit­ing and mix­ing process, which is why I found Tom’s anec­dote worthwhile. At Pro Sound Effects we know how cru­cial it is to have the right sound effects at your fin­ger­tips, as some of us (myself included) also work in the trenches as sound edi­tors and mix­ers.  Whether cut­ting sfx for spots, webisodes, real­ity or tra­di­tional film, you’ll find our care­fully selected sound effects libraries as invalu­able as we do.  Visit the Pro Sound Effects Online Library for easy-to-find and quick-to-use sounds.


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