About PSE


Pro Sound Effects (PSE) provides media producers worldwide with the highest quality and most diverse sound effects and sound design resources for all types of productions and applications.We continually scour the world for premier sound effects catalogs and provide flexible, one-stop licensing solutions for a wide range of clientele from individual users working on a single project all the way to enterprise solutions for high-volume, multi-national organizations. PSE accomplishes this through our expertise and focus in 4 core areas:

  • prosoundeffects.com - the Universe of royalty-free, world-class, professional sound effects and sound design libraries in a single, easy-to-use location (available in your preferred format via Download, Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive, DVD & CD)
  • PSE Multi-User Licensing - simple, multi-user annual blanket licensing, tailored to the specific needs of organizations with 2+ users or networked needs. From 10pt partnerships to multi-national corporations we ensure you have the sound resources and copyright coverage you need.
  • PSE Content Distribution & Licensing - sound effects library and catalog master distribution, sales and licensing representation and business development for the world’s top sound effects artists and producers.
  • PSE Custom & Technology Services - library and catalog management, digital asset management systems and metadata services. Providing ease of use in all of today’s most prevalent software systems.

PSE was founded in 2004 by Douglas Price and was a featured chapter in the NY Times and Wall Street Journal business book best seller – “The Four Hour Work Week”. PSE is headquartered in downtown New York City.


ProSoundEffects.com is the professional’s one-stop resource for royalty-free sound effects, production elements and sound library products. Think of the PSE website as the “Amazon.com” of professional sound libraries. Pro Sound Effects offers:

  • the greatest selection of the most cutting-edge, iconic, professional sound effects libraries
  • the latest catalog delivery formats (Hard Drive, Download, DVD, CD)
  • “one-stop” value and ease

PSE caters to audio professionals who are serious about their sound. Our clients range from acclaimed freelancers to the largest and most innovative companies in film post, broadcast, music, television, video game, radio, web design, corporate presentation, theatre, and new media worldwide. All of our sound effects are licensed on a royalty-free basis and based upon need, are governed either by our Individual End User License Agreement (for individual users) or our custom designed Multi-User License Agreement (for 2+ users or networked applications)We also specialize in licensing for Custom Applications in asynchronous formats.

To date, Pro Sound Effects represents over 500,000 royalty-free sound effects and production elements from over 40 unique publishers, including: Blastwave FX, the BBC Sound Effects LibrarySound IdeasHollywood EdgeDigiffects, Sony, Lucas Film, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Disney, Frank Serafine, Point One Sound, Videohelper, DeWolfe, Futurity and many more.

Our vast selection and easy-to-use website ensure that you’ll find the latest and greatest in sound effects libraries and sound design products. Most of our libraries are available for audition so you can “try-before-you-buy” and all have detailed track listings in .pdf form. Whether you’re looking for a general collection of sound effects, need obscure 5.1 surround-sound elements, want sound effects downloads, or simply need some “sound” advice, PSE is at your service with the sounds you need!

Contact Email: info@prosoundeffects.com