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Published on April 26th, 2012 | by Administrator

Pro Sound Effects Library Interview: The Top Finalists from the AudioDraft Audio Logo Contest

The top three fin­ish­ers from PSE’s recent audio logo con­test, spon­sored by Audio­Draft,reflect on their expe­ri­ences craft­ing PSE’s new sound logo by tak­ing us inside the process.

What is your back­ground in audio?

Chris Pratt: I’m fairly new to the design and pro­duc­tion side of music. I’m a multi-instrumentalist with a degree in trumpet. I didn’t have the patience for the tech­ni­cal side, but I finally real­ized the only way for my ideas to sound pol­ished and pro­fes­sional was to take the time and learn some of the industry-standard software. It wasn’t until early this year that I began to feel con­fi­dent in my producing.

Luis Novo: I’ve been involved with music and pro­duc­tion since I was a teen. That pas­sion led me to a sound design course in Lon­don, at SAE Insti­tute, in 2000. My pro­fes­sional expe­ri­ence started in Spain, where I spe­cial­ized in audio post­pro­duc­tion for dif­fer­ent media. In recent years I’ve been mak­ing music for fun.

Roland Shaw: Through work­ing with bands I got into work­ing in film, which quickly led me to games. I worked free­lance whilst get­ting an MA in Audio Tech at the Lon­don Col­lege of Music, after which I moved to Shang­hai to work on my first AAA project—Alice: Mad­ness Returns, for EA Games. As well as record­ing assets, I design and help cre­ate the inter­ac­tive sys­tems through which audio is pre­sented to the user.


How did you learn about the com­pe­ti­tion?
LN: I’m a very active mem­ber of Audio­Draft, since Sep­tem­ber 2011.

CP: I had recently joined Audio­draft, and the PSE logo was one of the first that I saw on their site.



Was this con­test your intro­duc­tion to Pro Sound Effects?

LN: I learned about PSE years ago when I read a book by Tim Fer­riss; he men­tions PSE founder [Dou­glas Price’s] story.

CP: I wasn’t famil­iar, but I enjoyed brows­ing the sounds online for the audio that I would even­tu­ally use in my design.



What was your com­po­si­tion process like? Did your design change at all from the orig­i­nal concept?

LN: I tried to com­bine silence, noise, pitch, ten­sion and impacts to make it mem­o­rable in such a short amount of time. The mar­tial arts idea came to my mind while I was play­ing the ref­er­ence video, mak­ing funny noises with my mouth. The scream came out when the logo appeared, so the sem­i­nal idea was really an exer­cise of improvisation.

RS: I try to just get my head in the right place based on the con­cepts I per­ceive in the mate­r­ial, choose a direc­tion and slam it out, take a break, then tweak, and repeat the last two steps.

CP: In the video every­thing hap­pens so fast, but the water drops float peace­fully. My con­cept was to do some­thing with water, so I down­loaded a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent drips and rain on water; I wanted to make some­thing that would be easy on the ears even after mul­ti­ple lis­tens. I tried to take the com­ments as seri­ously as pos­si­ble and make adjust­ments accord­ingly. A pub­lic com­ment was that PSE wanted “Pro Sound Effects” to be spo­ken. I cre­ated some dra­matic space, aged some sounds, and recorded my wife’s vocal; her voice is a lot sex­ier than mine!


Did you check out any other sub­mis­sions? If so, which were your favorites?

RS: I did have a lis­ten before and after sub­mit­ting. I couldn’t jus­tify spend­ing the time going through every sin­gle one to find inspi­ra­tion. I pre­ferred mine, and I am extremely crit­i­cal of my own work so I was gen­uinely sur­prised to feel that way.

CP: I did most of my lis­ten­ing after the dead­line to ensure that I was stay­ing true to the con­cept I wanted to deliver. There were so many good sub­mis­sions! One entry that stood out to me was “Pick your SFX” by son­icpur­ple.

LN: I lis­tened; it’s fun­da­men­tal in this kind of con­test to get the feel the con­test holder wants, and pub­lic rat­ing helps a lot in iden­ti­fy­ing it. Not every­one is com­fort­able with this kind of eval­u­a­tion but in my opin­ion it is the best way to get the best results. And yes, I had my favorites, but I won’t reveal them here!




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