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Published on November 16th, 2012 | by PSE

Black Spider Monkey Call for You Social Creatures

If the rain­for­est were like high school, then black spi­der monkeys—despite longish arms some might call freak­ish, or at least disproportionate—are basi­cally the pop­u­lar kids. Quite the socialite, the black spi­der mon­key tends to hang in groups of two to three dozen at a time. Although still fairly healthy in num­bers over­all, the species is endan­gered due to both over­hunt­ing, even within pro­tected areas, and defor­esta­tion. Like all spi­der mon­keys, slow repro­duc­tive rates (one baby every 2–5 years) cou­pled with a spe­cific spec­trum of fruits in its diet make the black spi­der mon­key par­tic­u­larly vulnerable.

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