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Published on October 10th, 2011 | by Jeremy Siegel

Blastwave FX Halloween Sound Design Competition Rules & FAQ

Trick or Treat, peo­ple, Hal­loween is around the cor­ner! Our friends at Blast­wave FX are kick­ing off the hol­i­day sea­son with an extra fes­tive sound design com­pe­ti­tion with a grand prize of SONOPEDIA 2.0! That’s right, a 30-second ghoul-ridden, monster-mashing, spook-fest of a piece can win you a $3999 cut­ting edge sound effects library for FREE.

We have had a num­ber of inquiries about the rules of the con­test and how to sub­mit entries, so I thought I would address a few of the spe­cific issues that have come up so as to clear up any confusion.

Hal­loween Sound Design Com­pe­ti­tion FAQ:

1.  Any recorded voice is be allowed (singing, voice over narration, dialogue, etc.), but not your own foley or other sound effects for use in the contest.

2. You may NOT use your own orig­i­nal music in the piece. Blast­wave FX sounds only!

3. If you have trou­ble unzip­ping your free Power Pack with the Mac Archive Util­ity, try using StuffIt or another third-party expander.

3. To sub­mit your piece, zip and email it to, with the sub­ject line read­ing “Hal­loween Com­pe­ti­tion Sub­mis­sion YourLastName.”

Here are the com­plete rules to the con­test, in case your browser cuts them off on the Blast­wave FX page:

• The sound­track can be abstract or lit­eral, sur­real or real, but the theme of Hal­loween, fright, hor­ror and scary must be a strong component.

• You may only use sounds from Blast­wave FX, in addi­tion to any voice-over you choose to record. You may not use your own sound effects or music in the com­pe­ti­tion. Once you reg­is­ter you will receive a coupon code to down­load a free Power Pack to use in your entry.

• Judg­ing Cri­te­ria: The judges will eval­u­ate entries based on cre­ative use of sound effects and how high they jumped in their chairs due to the bejeezus being scared out of them.

• The piece should be 25 – 30 sec­onds in length.

• Audio for­mat for entries: inter­leaved, stereo wav or aiff file. 16/44.1 or higher resolution.

• The Win­ner must be pre­pared to describe how they cre­ated their sound nar­ra­tive, such as what kinds of effects and edit­ing tech­niques they used, soft­ware used, etc.

• Pro­cess­ing and plu­g­ins allowed.

• Sub­mit entries by Novem­ber 1, 2011. Please zip and email to with “Hal­loween Com­pe­ti­tion Sub­mis­sion YourLast­Name” in the sub­ject line. You will receive a con­fir­ma­tion email within 1 – 5 days upon submitting.

• Sound sources: sound effects included in the down­load pack and sound effects from any other Blast­wave FX library (includ­ing the one free down­load pack you’re allowed with your coupon code – pro­vided after reg­is­tra­tion). Also allowed is voice over in any lan­guage. You are allowed and encour­aged to manip­u­late, chop up, process, layer, dis­tort etc. the sounds.

• Par­tic­i­pants’ names will be with­held from judges.

• Par­tic­i­pants release all own­er­ship rights related to their sound­track to Blast­wave FX.

Click to reg­is­ter for the Blast­wave Fx Hal­loween Sound Design Com­pe­ti­tion now!

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