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Designing Sound Discussion Group — SFX and Freelancing in the Games Industry

PSE Founder Dou­glas Price will be join­ing a panel dis­cus­sion hosted by‘s Shaun Far­ley to dis­cuss sound effects and free­lanc­ing in the games indus­try.  Be sure to tune in to Design­ing Sound’s Google+ page for the live feed.  The dis­cus­sion is tak­ing place on Sat­ur­day, Feb­ru­ary 1st at 4PM EST.  Don’t miss it!

UPDATE: YouTube Video of the entire dis­cus­sion is now avail­able (embed­ded above).

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Sit­ting on the panel for the next Design­ing Sound Dis­cus­sion Group are Gor­don Hemp­ton (The Soundtracker/Quiet Planet), Rod­ney Gates (Sony Online Enter­tain­ment), Matt Pier­sall (Gl33k) and Dou­glas Price (Pro Sound Effects). The gen­e­sis of this panel is in response to Gordon’s idea of restrict­ing the sale of sfx libraries to indpendent/freelance sound design­ers with the goal of mak­ing the peo­ple them­selves more desirable…thus giv­ing them a lit­tle more job sta­bil­ity. He specif­i­cally thinks this is impor­tant within the games indus­try. He and I have spo­ken in some detail about it already. I’ll spare you my opin­ions at the moment, but I encour­age you to lis­ten to his guest appear­ance on the Toneben­ders pod­cast and for­mu­late your own opin­ions before the actual panel.

We’re going to start by touch­ing on Gordon’s idea, talk about the dif­fer­ent ways the games indus­try acquires or licenses their sound effects, and then move on to what makes a suc­cess­ful, gain­fully employed, free­lancer in the game audio indus­try. Sound like your kind of panel?

The web­cast will be tak­ing place via Google Hang­out at 4PM (US East­ern Time) on Sat­ur­day, Feb­ru­ary 1st. You can watch from here on the site, or from the Design­ing Sound Google+ page…where you’ll be able to inter­act with us directly. Mark it on your Calendars!

Photo Credit: Van­cou­ver Film School

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