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Published on August 25th, 2014 | by Jeremy Siegel


What Hollywood Edge + Pro Sound Effects® Means for Soundminer Users

Update: As of June 30th, 2015, Hol­ly­wood Edge is no longer part of the Pro Sound Effects Library offer­ing. We have decided to focus on devel­op­ing and updat­ing our own libraries (Online Library, Hybrid Library, Mas­ter Library).

A num­ber of Sound­miner users have been ask­ing us what the addi­tion of the Hol­ly­wood Edge to the Pro Sound Effects Library means for them. So we decided to put together a response post on our blog so all of you Sound­miner users have a com­plete under­stand­ing of the fea­tures and ben­e­fits of the new arrangement.

Pro Sound Effects® is thrilled to announce the addi­tion of the Hol­ly­wood Edge (HE) to the Pro Sound Effects (PSE) Library. This deal comes at an oppor­tune time with great ben­e­fit for HE, PSE, Sound­miner users world­wide. Here are 4 take­aways on what it means to you:

More Sounds, Eas­ier Access: PSE  Library grows from 150,000+ to 210,000+ . Hol­ly­wood Edge’s lat­est gen­eral collection, the Pre­mier Edi­tion HD, as well as the rest of the Hol­ly­wood Edge con­tent is already avail­able through PSE, com­plete with Soundminer-optimized meta­data.

Sim­pler Licens­ing: PSE Now Admin­is­ters Sim­ple, One-Stop Licens­ing for Hol­ly­wood Edge. For all of you who have been frus­trated by HE licens­ing and requested one point of con­tact and con­tract for multi-user or cus­tom licenses, we can now deliver Hol­ly­wood Edge into the fold. All PSE and Hol­ly­wood Edge sound effects con­tent, one com­pany, one agree­ment, fully stream­lined to ensure con­tin­ual updates and ser­vice. Con­tact for more infor­ma­tion.

Fresh Dig­i­tal Deliv­ery Options: PSE Now Offers Dig­i­tal Deliv­ery Option for Hol­ly­wood Edge niche col­lec­tions such as the Sci-Fi Toolkit. Email for more details on these options.

Hard Dri­ves with Sound­miner Meta­data: We can now ensure that for any pur­chase or license for HE, we are always pro­vid­ing the the clean­est, rich­est, most Soundminer-optimized meta­data pos­si­ble meta­data pos­si­ble – one of the same sig­na­ture fea­tures made pop­u­lar with the Pro Sound Effects Mas­ter Library and Hybrid Library.

*Please note that while we are not the sole source for Hol­ly­wood Edge sound effects, we aim to be the best source!

Hol­ly­wood Edge sound effects were cre­ated by the Acad­emy Award-winning stu­dio Soundelux, whose cred­its include such pro­duc­tions as Mad Men, The Departed, Kill Bill, Brave­heart, Fast and Furi­ous, and Beyond. Mar­tin Scors­ese and Oliver Stone are both ardent pro­po­nents of HE sound effects and have used them exten­sively in their movies over the years.

The addi­tion of the Hol­ly­wood Edge Sound Effects Cat­a­log to Pro Sound Effects results in arguably the most robust and exten­si­ble Library currently avail­able for pro­fes­sional media cre­ators worldwide.

And now, onto the next, Next Level!

P.S. Be sure to catch us exhibit­ing at both Avid Con­nect Europe & IBC2014 next month in Ams­ter­dam! Email to schedule a meet­ing time.


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