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Published on June 26th, 2012 | by Administrator

The Pro Sound Effects Store vs. The Online Library: What’s Best For You?

This post pro­vides an overview of the two options for search­ing and har­ness­ing the PSE Mas­ter Library: the PSE Store, where cat­a­logs and col­lec­tions can be pur­chased, and our Online Library, offer­ing indi­vid­ual downloads.

pse inside1 1024x603 The Pro Sound Effects Store vs. The Online Library: Whats Best For You?


Have you cre­ated an account on the Pro Sound Effects home­page, only to be asked to cre­ate another login right when you’re ready to pur­chase the sound effects in your cart?

If so, fear not; you may have found dif­fi­culty log­ging into one our sites because there are sep­a­rate logins for the PSE Store, on our home­page, and the PSE Online Library. In this post I’ll pro­vide a gen­eral overview of both and explain where they dif­fer so you can jump to whichever is best cut out for your sound effects situation.


The first order of busi­ness is whether or not you already know what you want. As I’ve cir­cled in these screen-grabs, our site offers two options on the left-hand side. If you want to search for entire sound effects cat­a­logs or col­lec­tions, you want the PSE Store. You can click “Next Level Sound Effects Libraries” and get search­ing, or login/create an account up at the top of the page and then peruse.

pse store 1024x666 The Pro Sound Effects Store vs. The Online Library: Whats Best For You?

The PSE Store, for world-class cat­a­logs and collections

The Pro Sound Effects Store is a more straight­for­ward buy­ing inter­face. If you are look­ing to pur­chase a col­lec­tion of sounds (an entire sound effects cat­a­log, a spe­cific library col­lec­tion within that cat­a­log) this is where you want to be.

In most cases there are sound­cloud links or audio demos embed­ded within a catalog’s prod­uct descrip­tion. This allows you a sonic sample.


Screen shot 2012 06 20 at 4.21.17 PM 1024x570 The Pro Sound Effects Store vs. The Online Library: Whats Best For You?

The Rare Ani­mal Sound Effects Library offers a hand­ful of samples


But for the most part, the Pro Sound Effects Store is for when you already have a prod­uct in mind: if, say, you’re already sold on Foundation’s gen­eral library and need some qual­ity air­plane sounds. You can search by cat­a­log or sound effect cat­e­gory, locate what you need, then pur­chase the col­lec­tions or cat­a­log, which we make avail­able either on hard dri­ves, DVDs or large .zip file downloads.

If, how­ever, you’re look­ing to cre­ate your own lit­tle library of sound effects, you can add as many or as few to your cart as you like within the Online Library. This is accessed at a sep­a­rate url:, or by click­ing the “Indi­vid­ual Down­loads” option on our homepage.


downloads 1024x669 The Pro Sound Effects Store vs. The Online Library: Whats Best For You?

The Online Library, for indi­vid­ual downloads


This Online Library houses all of the 120,000+ sound effects avail­able within the PSE Mas­ter Library. Here, you can sam­ple any sound effect before pur­chas­ing à la carte, or via one of our online sub­scrip­tions. There are also fil­ters on the left that allow you to nar­row searches by cat­a­log, library, cat­e­gory, etc. Once you’re ready to down­load, choose the audio for­mat you’d prefer.

sa 1024x668 The Pro Sound Effects Store vs. The Online Library: Whats Best For You?

Nar­row by cat­e­gory or cat­a­log on the left, or search for sounds


And there you have it! If you’ve cre­ated an account on the PSE Store and you’d like to sam­ple and down­load indi­vid­ual sound effects, you’ll need to head over to the Online Library. If you do, keep in mind that it’s best to cre­ate a login first, that way any sound effects you add to your cart will be saved should you decide to pur­chase them.

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