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Published on June 30th, 2011 | by PSE

How to play 24 bit 96 kHz WAV files in NetMix Lite on Windows

In this arti­cle we explain how you can eas­ily enable play­back of 24-bit / 96 kHz HD audio files in Net­Mix Lite for Windows.

1. Down­load the Legacy HD Audio Fil­ter writ­ten by Chris Par­son  here and extract the zip file.

2.Copy the file to C:\Windows\System32

3. Select Start > Run ,  type the fol­low­ing : regsvr32 c:/windows/system32/ and press Return

To unin­stall select Start > Run and type  regsvr32 /U c:/windows/system32/

Net­Mix Lite can now play­back your 24 Bit 96 kHz HD audio files instantly!!

How does it work ?

From Chris’ web­site :

Many audio pro­cess­ing appli­ca­tions still pro­duce high-definition audio such as 24bit/96kHz in a legacy WAV for­mat. By default Direct­Show play­ers (such as Media Player) won’t be able to play these files as the Audio Ren­derer refuses to accept this legacy type even though it is per­fectly capa­ble of play­ing it. This fil­ter reg­is­ters itself as being able to han­dle this legacy for­mat, and at the same time con­verts to a for­mat the Direct­Show Audio Ren­derer will accept (WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE). This is done with­out alter­ing the audio data in any way.

Alter­na­tive: The Ffd­show Audio Decoder can han­dle play­back of 24-bit and float­ing point WAVs in Direct­Show. It is avail­able here.

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