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Sound design and name a fic­tional hybrid animal!

Ever won­der what a snal­rus sounds like?  (That’s a snail and a wal­rus…)  What about a Dea­gle? (Dog and Eagle)  Well now is your chance to find out! Name and sound design your own hybrid ani­mal, then sub­mit it to the Hybrid Ani­mal Sound Design Com­pe­ti­tion.  The com­pe­ti­tion fea­tures $6,000 in prizes from Pro Sound Effects, Avid, iZo­tope, Rode, and Ric Viers!

The Grand Prize will be selected by a panel of experts:

  •     Ken Skoglund: Award-winning re-recording mixer and sound designer. Cre­ator of the Sound Con­trol SE sound effects library
  •     Ric Viers: Sound Designer, Author, Sound Effects Pro­ducer.  Cre­ator of Blast­wave FX and Author of the Sound Effects Bible.
  •     Dou­glas Price: Founder & Pres­i­dent, Pro Sound Effects

We will also award a Listener’s Choice and Listener’s Choice Runner-up Prize to the entries that earn the most votes (exclud­ing the grand prize win­ner, if applic­a­ble).  These will be awarded to the entries with the great­est num­ber of UNIQUE votes.  Before the final vote count is released, we will fil­ter the results to include only unique votes.  I.e. Vot­ing for your­self mul­ti­ple times will only count as ONE vote in the end.

Dead­line for entries and vot­ing is Tues­day, April 8th at 11:59PM!  Vote for your favorite entries here.

By way of exam­ple, check out the “Eleminnow” as imag­ined by Krump the Clown:

For some hilar­i­ous inspi­ra­tion, check out the “Hybrid Ani­mals” sub­red­dit.


Grand Prize  ($5000 value):

Listener’s Choice ($850 value):

Listener’s Choice Runner-up ($350 value):

All prize win­ners will have their sound visu­al­ized by Krump the Clown, cre­ator of the “Eleminnow.”


Com­pe­ti­tion Rules:

1.) Sub­mis­sions must be under 15 sec­onds in length.

2.) You are not lim­ited to using just the Rare Ani­mals Sound Effects Library, but you must use at least one sound from Rare Ani­mals library (using your free down­load credit).

3.) Sound manip­u­la­tion (e.g. use of plug-ins) is allowed and encouraged.

4.) All sound design must be orig­i­nal, and all sounds used in the design must be fully cleared and licensed.

5.) Title of uploaded track should fol­low this nam­ing con­ven­tion: Hybrid Ani­mal Sound Design Con­test: “Sharkopota­mus” by David Forshee.

6.) You MUST include the file­name of the sound you used from the Rare Ani­mals Sound Effects Library in the Sound­Cloud description.

7.) As men­tioned before, vot­ing for your­self more than once is not nec­es­sary.  We will be fil­ter­ing the final vote count to exclude any abuses of the vot­ing system.


Now the fun part:

1. Down­load your free sound from the Rare Ani­mals Sound Effects library by vis­it­ing and reg­is­ter­ing for a free account if you haven’t already.

2. Then, redeem coupon code ”HYBRIDANIMAL2014” to get your one free down­load credit.

3. Once you’ve redeemed your coupon, browse the Rare Ani­mals Sound Effects library and choose a sound to include in the design of your hybrid animal!


Ready to sub­mit your hybrid ani­mal sound?

1.) Upload your sound design to your Sound­Cloud account.  Be sure to include the file­name of the sound you used from the Rare Ani­mals Sound Effects Library in the description!

2.) Con­nect to Sound­Cloud using the link below, enter your email address, and choose the sound you’d like to submit.

3.) Share with your friends and vote for your favorite sounds on the entries page!

4.) Com­pe­ti­tion ends Tues­day, April 8th at 11:59PM EST.

Ques­tions?  Email