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Published on October 28th, 2013 | by David Forshee

Freelance Sound Designers Review the Hybrid Library

The Hybrid Library (dubbed “The Robin Hood of Sound Effects Libraries“) was put together with the free­lance sound designer in mind.  In fact, the con­tents of the Hybrid Library were based on feed­back that we received from work­ing free­lance sound design­ers.  So noth­ing makes us hap­pier than receiv­ing these reviews from work­ing pro­fes­sion­als that have spent nearly a year with the Hybrid Library.  We’ll con­tinue to lis­ten to your feed­back to improve the orig­i­nal Hybrid Library, and to guide our future Expan­sions that will com­ple­ment the orig­i­nal game-changing Hybrid Library.

Thanks Hybrid­ers!

–Team PSE

 Freelance Sound Designers Review the Hybrid Library

Andrew Tracy
One Thousand Birds

I have been a pro­fes­sional sound edi­tor for 10 years and have worked at major stu­dios with mas­sive libraries. I recently went out on my own and opened my own stu­dio with the Hybrid Library as the core.

There are tons of great sounds in here. A lot of designed ele­ments that speed up work­flow by not hav­ing to design a stinger or a bed if you don’t have the time. The musi­cal record­ings are a great resource espe­cially if you cut a lot of animation.

Over­all AMAZING vari­ety of sounds for the money and a great start­ing place to build a solid library.”


belliston e1382723150654 150x150 Freelance Sound Designers Review the Hybrid Library

Joe Belliston
JLB Sound Design

Can’t beat this library for the price!! You can make any project work with what is here.I just fin­ished a 90 minute fea­ture film with heavy sound design and I would say more than 75% of what I used came from the Hybrid Library. It has been a fan­tas­tic library and has expanded my abil­ity to do work for a wide vari­ety of clients from cor­po­rate videos, to TV series, to fea­ture films.

This library is the best value you will find on the mar­ket. You can truly make any sound design project work with what is in this library. The Hybrid Library has expanded my abil­ity to be cre­ative and has made my work a lot faster because I don’t have to build sound effects 5–10 tracks deep any­more. I’d highly rec­om­mend the Hybrid Library to anyone.”


NateHoffman 150x150 Freelance Sound Designers Review the Hybrid Library

Nate Hoffman
Bluefire Studios

For years I have been doing sound design for fea­ture films, TV and web videos with a small sound effects library. I recently pur­chased the Hybrid Library and I’m aston­ished at how much faster I can com­plete projects that sound bet­ter than ever. This is exactly what I needed as an inde­pen­dent, one man oper­a­tion. The price will quickly make up for itself in increased pro­duc­tiv­ity. I can’t believe how many high qual­ity sounds there are here in such a broad range of cat­e­gories. This is the library to invest in if you are a freelance/independent sound designer like me.”


I had a big Library before, but this one added a lot:
Nearly every­thing I´m look­ing for, includ­ing a lot of 5.1 sounds.”

ken skoglund e1386255595101 148x150 Freelance Sound Designers Review the Hybrid Library

Ken Skoglund
Sound Control SE

I got this as a starter library for my assis­tant, but I ended up using it myself first on the film I’m work­ing on right now. It’s a great gen­eral library to start with, it cov­ers a lot of dif­fer­ent areas and has a lot of variations.”

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I have recently bought a copy of their library. WOW. These are really great sounds. Very good record­ings and easy to find stuff. Highly rec­om­mended over some of the poorly recorded “stan­dard” libraries IMHO.”

Lucas Sound


The answer to my prayers! …This is going to help me out SO much!”

Melinda Bushnell 
Orem, UT

I’m just start­ing to dig into the library…It’s a lit­tle over­whelm­ing, in a good way!”

Joe B.

An oppor­tu­nity that I can’t pass up.”

Josh K.

Great library!”

Alan V.


4266641 300 150x150 Freelance Sound Designers Review the Hybrid Library

Shaun Farley
Designing Sound

The Hybrid Library is priced for the inde­pen­dent artist. […] The value it presents the inde­pen­dent user is well beyond its price tag.”

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3102245 300 150x150 Freelance Sound Designers Review the Hybrid Library

David Weiss
Sonic Scoop

Ready for the “Robin Hood” of pro­fes­sional sound effects libraries?”

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