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Published on October 31st, 2013 | by David Forshee

New Hybrid Library + Expansion 1 Released for Freelance Sound Designers

In con­tin­ued sup­port of free­lance sound design­ers world­wide, Pro Sound Effects® has made avail­able 100 more units of its enhanced Hybrid Library and is intro­duc­ing a brand new add-on – the Expan­sion 1.

Last year, the Hybrid was dubbed, ‘The Robin Hood of Sound Effects Libraries,’” said Dou­glas Price, Founder of Pro Sound Effects. “This year, our goal is to fur­ther level the pro­duc­tion play­ing field for free­lancers by giv­ing them afford­able access to big-budget library features”.

The Hybrid Library com­bines 50,000+ sound effects on hard drive and this year includes new drive design, enhanced meta­data, pub­lisher updates, and access to over 125,000 sound online. To sup­port free­lancers on tighter bud­gets, Pro Sound Effects has once again set aside 100 Hybrid Library units at $1500 each (>$10,000 value) through Decem­ber 31. For full fea­tures, demos, reviews and to apply for free­lancer pric­ing, check out the Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library page.

The Expan­sion 1 was cre­ated in survey-driven col­lab­o­ra­tion with cur­rent Hybrid Library own­ers and includes 10,000+ brand new sounds in must-have effects cat­e­gories such as Ambi­ences, Cin­e­matic Ele­ments, Fight Ele­ments, Foley Foot­steps, Room­tones, Weapons, Sci-Fi and beyond. Avail­able only to Hybrid Library own­ers, the Expan­sion 1 is priced at just $500 (>$2500 value) through Decem­ber 31 and deliv­ered on USB flash drive. For full fea­tures and demos, check out the Hybrid Library Expan­sion 1 page.

The Hybrid Library and Expan­sion 1 are curated from lead­ing sound effects pub­lish­ers (includ­ing Blast­wave FX, BOOM Library, Foun­da­tion, Soundrangers) and always cre­ated in close col­lab­o­ra­tion with Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library owners.

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