Published on April 16th, 2014 | by David Forshee

The Pro Sound Effects Master Library

We are psy­ched to release what we like to con­sider an EPIC video of our fully-updated and loaded 1.5 TB Pro Sound Effects Mas­ter Library! Here are a few new fea­tures and items of note:

  • New Fea­ture! Updated – based on user feed­back, we’ve added over 20,000 new sound effects to the Mas­ter Library for a total of over 150,000 pro­fes­sional sound effects (that’s 1.5 Ter­aBytes of hard­core sound effects data)!

  • New Fea­ture! Online Access via the Pro Sound Effects Online Library

  • Updates: deliv­ered quar­terly via down­load link. We like to keep the Mas­ter Library and your pro­duc­tion resources fresh!

The Mas­ter Library is used by top media pro­duc­ers and pro­duc­tion com­pa­nies world­wide, includ­ing (but cer­tainly not lim­ited to…) CBS, BBC, Elec­tronic Arts, Nokia, Grey Adver­tis­ing, Riot Games, Funny or Die, Warner Bros. and beyond!

Should you have any library or licens­ing needs, please email or call +1 646 706 7728 x10

Stay posted on the lat­est Mas­ter Library devel­op­ments by fol­low­ing us on Twit­ter or Face­book.

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