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Published on December 26th, 2014 | by Andrew Emge

The Pro Sound Effects Year in Review (2014)

As the new year approaches, it’s impor­tant to reflect on what has occurred over the past year – partly for men­tal and spir­i­tual clo­sure, but mostly to show off all of the cool stuff we did icon smile The Pro Sound Effects Year in Review (2014)

2014 was a great year for Pro Sound Effects! We com­pletely revamped our website, released new sound effects col­lec­tions, launched new vari­eties of con­tent, spon­sored and exhib­ited at sem­i­nal indus­try trade shows… it goes on and on. In case you missed any of it, here is a list of high­lights from one of PSE’s most Next Level years yet:

Toneben­ders Hybrid Library Give­away
(Dec 2014)

We’ll start with this because it’s awe­some and also because it’s still going on right now:

Team PSE’s favorite pod­cast, Toneben­ders, is host­ing a Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library give­away! Lis­ten below to learn how to enter for a chance to win 56,047 sound effects on hard drive with online access and updates for life for FREE! The con­test closes Jan. 1, so what are you wait­ing for?

The pod­cast also con­tains an inter­view we did with Toneben­ders at NAB last year where we dis­cuss our recent meta­data enhance­ment ini­tia­tive and more. View the orig­i­nal post here for more info.

Hybrid Library: Life Cycle and Pric­ing
(Dec 2014)

Hybrid Library Sound Effects Hard Drive 2014 FEAT 300x168 The Pro Sound Effects Year in Review (2014)Speak­ing of the Hybrid Library, our pre­vi­ous blog post answers some ques­tions we’ve been asked by some Hybrid Library own­ers and applicants.

Curi­ous or con­fused about how pric­ing and fea­tures of the Hybrid Library change over the course of the year? This post lays down the cold hard facts. Check it out here!

Beau Bor­ders: Not Your Aver­age Film Mixer
(Dec 2014)

Our favorite racecar-driving sound designer, Beau Bor­ders, made this hilar­i­ous video for Pro Sound Effects ear­lier this month. He’s worked on huge, block­buster films like Titanic and Lord of the Rings, he has a Sound Mix­ing Acad­emy Award nom­i­nation for his work on Lone Sur­vivor… not bad. In our hum­ble opin­ions, this video is right up there with those other projects icon smile The Pro Sound Effects Year in Review (2014) Watch it below or check out the orig­i­nal post here.

How Sound Design­ers Work (Dec 2014)

Another new and excit­ing series we began this year are the How I Work inter­views. Inspired by Life­hacker, we ask Hybrid Library own­ers what inspires them and what tools and rou­tines help them get work done from day to day.

In the first inter­view we talk to Matt Pier­sall of Gl33k (Austin, TX), and in the sec­ond inter­view we talk to Will Mor­ton of Solid Audioworks (Scot­land, UK). Check it out and learn what they had to say about their stu­dio setup, work­flow, favorite short­cuts, DAW of choice, find­ing inspi­ra­tion, and more. And stay tuned for more inter­views to come!

How Works Matt Piersall 300x169 The Pro Sound Effects Year in Review (2014)

How I Work #1

How Will Works 300x169 The Pro Sound Effects Year in Review (2014)

How I Work #2

Sound Design Spot­light (Nov 2014)

In Novem­ber we debuted our first Sound Design Spot­light video, fea­tur­ing sound designer Ryan Bil­lia of Rum­ble Audio in Brook­lyn, NY. The series is a new and unique piece of con­tent for PSE that we’re excited to continue!

In the video, Ryan shows us his one-stop audio post stu­dio, describes his work­flow, designs an Ice­landic geyser explo­sion for the indie film Land Ho!, and shares his thoughts on the over­all state of indie film sound design. Watch the video below or visit the orig­i­nal post here.

New Cat­a­log: Sound Bits (Nov 2014)

Saro Sahihi SoundBits 1 The Pro Sound Effects Year in Review (2014)

Saro Sahihi, aka SoundBits

We were quite stoked to wel­come the newest addi­tion to the Pro Sound Effects Library: Sound­Bits. To coin­cide with the release in Novem­ber we inter­viewed Saro Sahihi, sound designer and founder of the superb and pro­lific Sound­Bits catalog.

All Sound­Bits libraries just so hap­pen to be on sale now through Decem­ber 31. So if you’re in need of some mas­ter­ful pro­duc­tion ele­ments, look no further!

In the inter­view, Saro describes what Sound­Bits is all about, as well as details of his newest libraries – all inter­laced with epic Sound­Bits whooshes, tran­si­tions, and impacts! Lis­ten below or view the orig­i­nal post here for more info and a tran­scrip­tion of the interview.

New PSE Web­site (Oct 2014)

As men­tioned above, 2014 saw the launch of a brand spankin’ new Pro Sound Effects web­site! It’s aes­thet­i­cally pleas­ing, func­tional, and every­thing you could ever want a web­site to be. Check out some new fea­tures here.

new website The Pro Sound Effects Year in Review (2014)

New About Us Video @ Avid Con­nect
(Sep 2014)

In early Sep­tem­ber, we spon­sored the Audio Col­lab­o­ra­tion Track at Avid Con­nect Europe and were asked to give a short speech on what we do. We took this oppor­tu­nity to unveil a new About Us video.

The video does a great job encap­su­lat­ing who we are, what we do, and why we do what we do – to help you more effec­tively tell your story. We worked with our go-to video guy Chris Lyon of Peren­nial Media to cre­ate the video, which you can watch below:

Hol­ly­wood Edge Joins the Pro Sound Effects Library (Aug 2014)

Update: As of June 30th, 2015, Hol­ly­wood Edge is no longer part of the Pro Sound Effects Library offer­ing. We have decided to focus on devel­op­ing and updat­ing our own libraries (Online Library, Hybrid Library, Mas­ter Library).

Hollywood Edge + PSE 02 300x187 The Pro Sound Effects Year in Review (2014)
2014 also saw the addi­tion of the mas­sive Hol­ly­wood Edge cat­a­log (60,000+ sounds!) to the Pro Sound Effects Library!

Hol­ly­wood Edge (HE) sound effects were cre­ated by the Acad­emy Award-winning stu­dio Soundelux, whose cred­its include such pro­duc­tions as Mad Men, The Departed, Kill Bill, Brave­heart, The Fast and the Furi­ous, and more. Mar­tin Scors­ese and Oliver Stone are both ardent pro­po­nents of HE sound effects and have used them exten­sively in their movies over the years.

This new addi­tion grew the PSE Online Library to over 215,000 sounds, cre­ated sim­pler licens­ing and ful­fill­ment options, and more. Read the orig­i­nal post here for the full list of takeaways.

New Cat­a­log: Quiet Planet (Jun 2014)

Gordon Hempton The Pro Sound Effects Year in Review (2014)

Gor­don Hemp­ton, aka Quiet Planet (via

We were (and still are) extremely excited to intro­duce another new cat­a­log to the Pro Sound Effects Library: Quiet Planet.

A moniker of self-described “acoustic ecol­o­gist” Gor­don Hemp­ton, Quiet Planet offers the most pristinely recorded nature ambi­ences on the mar­ket, and prob­a­bly ever. As Hemp­ton writes on his web­site, he has “cir­cled the globe three times over the last 30 years in pur­suit of Earth’s rarest nature sounds – sounds which can only be fully appre­ci­ated in the absence of man­made noise.”

PSE Clients with Multi-User Licenses now have access to this nat­u­rally splen­drous catalog! Listen to the demo for the Nature Essen­tials library below, and check out the other Quiet Planet col­lec­tions here for more.

Hybrid Ani­mal Sound Design Com­pe­ti­tion
(Apr 2014)

PSE Logo 06 300x159 The Pro Sound Effects Year in Review (2014)Back in April we hosted the first ever (to our knowl­edge) Hybrid Ani­mal Sound Design Com­pe­ti­tion, and it was a lot of fun. We asked entrants to invent a hybrid ani­mal, like a snal­rus (snail+walrus) and to cre­ate what­ever sound they think it would make. The win­ners took home over $6,000 in prizes from AvidiZo­topeRode Micro­phones, and Pro Sound Effects.

Lis­ten to the entry from Grand Prize Win­ner Bal­asz Barna below, and check out the orig­i­nal post here for the runners-up. Thanks again to all who entered, and keep prac­tic­ing until the next contest!

The Future of PSE

What a year, what a year… but we’re only get­ting started!

Be sure to fol­low Pro Sound Effects on Twit­terFace­book, and LinkedIn to keep up with new releases, inter­views, videos, con­tests, and who knows what else.

Happy New Year!


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