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Room Tones Library from

Win­terthur, Zurich - June 18, 2013:, the cre­ators of 5.1 sur­round sound archives such as ‘Civil­i­sa­tion and Indus­trial Sound­scapes‘ today released the ‘Room Tones Sound Library‘.

The Room Tones Library con­tains 130 room tones, includ­ing 12 rooms avail­able for the first time in 11.0 Auro 3D sound. All sounds were orig­i­nally recorded in 5.1 sur­round sound or 11.0 3D sound in 24Bit / 96kHz and are avail­able as MS and L/R stereo versions.

Using Room Tones in Sound Design

Room Tones: no mat­ter where we are, they are there as well. They usu­ally go unno­ticed, but they sur­round us con­stantly. They are our daily com­pan­ions. They are every­where. Always. They are the low hum of a com­puter, the con­tin­u­ous whir of a vent, the con­sis­tent noise of a fan, the sound of an elec­tric device. They are the sum of an infi­nite num­ber of reflec­tions, i.e. sta­tic noise.

As a design ele­ment, room tones are not just filler mate­r­ial for audio gaps cre­ated – with sur­gi­cal pre­ci­sion – dur­ing sound edit­ing. Room tones offer much more than that: they are an impor­tant styl­is­tic device and an inte­gral part to a sophis­ti­cated sound de– sign. A room tone can be depress­ingly quiet; or it can eas­ily con­vey cold­ness and lo– neli­ness when used out of pro­por­tion and with lots of reverb.

Room tones are thus an impor­tant styl­is­tic device in sound design; their cre­ative appli­ca­tions are man­i­fold. You can use the sound of a room to influ­ence the uncon­scious mind of the viewer and to con­vey a mes­sage. Room tones con­vey a lot of sub­lim­i­nal infor­ma­tion about a room and about the atmos­phere of a movie scene. A room tone can con­vey the size and the char­ac­ter­is­tics of a room; the feel­ing can be pleas­ant, com­fort­ing, envelop­ing, pro­tec­tive and secure. A room tone can be warm and friendly, but it can also be cold and dis­tant, or even threat­en­ing and frightening.

Room Tones’ is avail­able on the Pro Sound Effects web­store.

‘Room Tones Sound Library’ Features:

  • 135 5.1 Sur­round Sound Room Tones, 24Bit / 96kHz
  • 112 MS Stereo Room Tones, 24Bit / 96kHz
  • 122 L/R Stereo Room Tones , 24Bit / 96kHz
  • 13 11.0 Auro 3D Room Tones , 24Bit / 96kHz
  • IR1 Impulse Response Set
  • Price: EUR 187.00 (Sin­gle User License)
  • Total Size: 50.4 GB (incl. IR1 Impulse Response Set)

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