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Published on July 2nd, 2013 | by David Forshee

Sound Effects for Audiobooks and eBooks

The New York Times posted this arti­cle and video about actors find­ing steady work in the ever-growing audio­book industry:

Actors Today Don’t Just Read for the Part. Read­ing IS the Part.

Audio­books and enhanced eBooks are also becom­ing a great plat­form for sound effects and com­po­si­tion.  At Pro Sound Effects, we recently put together a cus­tom sound effects library for Book­track, who has a unique approach to eBook sound­tracks.  Book­track uses com­po­si­tion and sound design to enhance an oth­er­wise more tra­di­tional read­ing expe­ri­ence. Their approach syn­chro­nizes music, sound effects, and ambi­ent sounds to an eBook text and is auto­mat­i­cally paced to an individual’s read­ing speed.  Booktrack’s approach has been proven to increase read­ing clar­ity, focus, and reten­tion when com­pared to tra­di­tional reading.

So whether it’s audio­books or Booktrack’s inter­ac­tive sound­tracks for eBooks, it seems that the use sound effects will con­tinue to grow in this indus­try and will play a major role in enhanc­ing the mod­ern read­ing experience.

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