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Published on May 21st, 2014 | by David Forshee

Sound Effects Library Upgrade Paths

From time to time, we will offer you Upgrade Paths for your library. Upgrades con­sist of large vol­umes of sound effects designed to fur­ther expand your selec­tion and make sure you have access to the lat­est, great­est and most use­ful sound effects on an ongo­ing basis.

Some clients occa­sion­ally con­fuse Updates with Upgrades. Updates are included with your library pur­chase price (eg. Sono­pe­dia, Mas­ter Library) and are smaller bun­dles (~100 sounds) dig­i­tally deliv­ered for free every 3 months. Upgrades are deliv­ered on hard drive and usu­ally con­sist of 10,000 sound effects or more.

Here are our cur­rently avail­able Library Upgrade Paths:

Sono­pe­dia 3.0 & Blast­drive 3.0 Upgrade Path:

  • 16,000 sound effects (157 GB)

  • 24/96 broad­cast .wav files with rich embed­ded metadata

  • Deliv­ered on brand new cus­tom hard drive (500 GB USB 3.0 Drive for Sono­pe­dia owners, 1.0 TB USB 3.0 Drive for Blast­drive owners)

  • $750 intro­duc­tory price through June 15 (then $950)

To pur­chase the 3.0 Upgrade email

Mas­ter Library Upgrade Path:

This year we added over 30,000 new sounds to the Pro Sound Effects Mas­ter Library, so for select clients we offer a Mas­ter Library Upgrade Path. Click here to view the Mas­ter Library prod­uct page.

For more infor­ma­tion and pric­ing on the Mas­ter Library Upgrade Path, email

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