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Published on September 27th, 2012 | by PSE


Starting Next Week, Sound of the Day Highlights Endangered Species Sound Effects

Recently, CNN pub­lished a pro­file of Bernie Krause, a musician-turned-sound-ecologist whose work in nat­ural envi­ron­ments and ambi­ences totals some 44 years of  expe­ri­ence. In that time, the arti­cle goes on to say, Krause has recorded an esti­mated 15,000 creatures.

But a more star­tling sta­tis­tic comes from within that fig­ure: 50% of those 15,000 have since become extinct. And as a report from ear­lier in the month draws sharply into focus, there is an increas­ing sense of urgency sur­round­ing endan­gered species at risk of suf­fer­ing a sim­i­lar fate. Accord­ing to CNN the study in ques­tion, enti­tled ”Price­less or Worthless?”, names the world’s 100 most endan­gered species—from ani­mals to plants and fungi. It’s a first of its kind list that com­piles the research of 8,000 sci­en­tists.

And it’s one we plan to honor and draw aware­ness to with our Sound of the Day install­ment. Start­ing next week, we’ll begin high­light­ing endan­gered species as a #sound­ofthe­day, which makes the indi­vid­ual sound effect avail­able to users as a free mp3 on the PSE Sound­cloud. We posted our first endan­gered species sound effect yesterday—please help us get the word out, and let us know on Twit­ter which ani­mals you want to hear!

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