Starting Next Week, Sound of the Day Highlights Endangered Species Sound Effects

September 27, 2012 by PSE in Sound Of The Day

Recently, CNN published a profile of Bernie Krause, a musician-turned-sound-ecologist whose work in natural environments and ambiences totals some 44 years of  experience. In that time, the article goes on to say, Krause has recorded an estimated 15,000 creatures.

But a more startling statistic comes from within that figure: 50% of those 15,000 have since become extinct. And as a report from earlier in the month draws sharply into focus, there is an increasing sense of urgency surrounding endangered species at risk of suffering a similar fate. According to CNN the study in question, entitled “Priceless or Worthless?”, names the world’s 100 most endangered species—from animals to plants and fungi. It’s a first of its kind list that compiles the research of 8,000 scientists.

And it’s one we plan to honor and draw awareness to with our Sound of the Day installment. Starting next week, we’ll begin highlighting endangered species as a #soundoftheday, which makes the individual sound effect available to users as a free mp3 on the PSE Soundcloud. We posted our first endangered species sound effect yesterday—please help us get the word out, and let us know on Twitter which animals you want to hear!

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