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Published on July 3rd, 2010 | by PSE

Sounds from the BBC Planet Earth Sound Effects Listening Party

Pro Sound Effects hosted the first BBC Planet Earth Sound Effects Lis­ten­ing Party this past week (July 2010) in NYC.  The pur­pose was to gather together peo­ple from diverse back­grounds, lis­ten to ani­mal sounds from around the world, and via an Inter­ac­tive Brain Panel, Brain­Barn­Storm ideas relat­ing to inter­ac­tive appli­ca­tions, instal­la­tions, artis­tic and busi­ness appli­ca­tion of this Mas­sive archive.

We invited a select group of those in tech­nol­ogy, music, art, fash­ion, web pro­gram­ming, design, engi­neer­ing, mar­tial arts and fig­ure skat­ing to storm the barn with the brains and come up with some cool ideas.  The dis­cus­sion por­tion of the event was infor­mal, but cre­ative and excit­ing ideas were nonethe­less thrown out including:

  • Cre­at­ing a hor­ror sound design library with all ani­mal sound effects as your sonic palette (thanks, Arya)
  • Pro­duc­ing webisodes for chil­dren where they lis­ten to ani­mal sounds from around the world and learn about their habi­tats (Valiance!)
  • Pyg­mee Chim­panzee Fart ring­tones (unanimous)

Lis­ten to some of our favorites from the BBC Sound Effects Lis­ten­ing Party, then com­ment below about your own brain storm­ing experience…

Sounds from the BBC Planet Earth Lis­ten­ing Party by Pro Sound Effects

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