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Forbes Examines Modern Sound Design with Pro Sound Effects

October 2, 2015 by Andrew Emge in Interviews

In a recent Forbes article, author Nick Messitte spoke with Team PSE about the role sound effects libraries play in the sound design industry. The article examines the current state of sound libraries with Pro Sound Effects as the focal point. Messitte is familiar with Pro Sound Effects (he is a Hybrid Library user), stating: …

PSE Interview: SoundBits (Audio)

November 14, 2014 by Andrew Emge in Interviews

DRUM ROLL PLEASE… Introducing the newest addition to the Pro Sound Effects Library: SoundBits! Take a few minutes to get to know the man behind the superb and prolific (5 collections released since September!) SoundBits catalog – sound designer Saro Sahihi. In this Introduction, Saro talks about what SoundBits is all about, …

Tom Fleischman Talks Old School Sound Effect Libraries

September 21, 2012 by PSE in Audio Branding, Events and Parties, How-To, Interactive Media, Interviews, Sound Design, Sound Effects

Last night I attended “Music and Audio for Film,” a panel discussion held in the NYC SOHO Apple Store featuring Academy Award Winner (most recently for Hugo) Tom Fleischman. I came across a podcast Tom partook in with Hollywood-based 123 Film Easy. He spends some time discussing his entry into the sound-for-film …