The Sounds of Occupy Wall Street and Protests Past

November 10, 2011 by Jeremy Siegel in BBC Sound Effects Library

Public demonstration (peaceful and otherwise) have long been a part of human society. In the face of oppression, unjustice, or tyranny, humankind has, since the dawn of modern civilization, found ways to unite under a common principle in order to push back against those who have meant us injury – both physical and emotional.

So what, then, is the sound of protest? We went down the block to Occupy Wall Street with our cell phone recorders to find out.  We give you: Occupy Wall Street Sound Effects!

The Sounds of Occupy Wall Street by Pro Sound Effects

And now for some tasty archival nuggets! Here are a few sounds from Belfast, Ireland riots, plus a 1986 industrial dispute protest, all pulled from the BBC Historical Sound Effects Library.

The Sounds of Protests Past, from the BBC Historical Sound Effects Library by Pro Sound Effects

For more juicy protest sound effects, or for more on BBC Sound Effects, also see our recent post, Behind the NEW BBC Sound Effects Library (27,010 sounds beyond the BBC 1-60).