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Published on May 13th, 2005 | by PSE

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(orig­i­nal air date Decem­ber 13th, 2012)
Webi­nar Series Part 2

Pre­sented by Stephan Schütze, Industry-Leading Sound Recordist and Game Sound Designer

After high demand, Stephan Schutze of the Foun­da­tion Sound Effectst Libraies and PSE are host­ing a sec­ond webi­nar about the impor­tance of sound in edu­ca­tion.  This webi­nar will focus on sound pro­duc­tion in the field, and is geared towards edu­ca­tors in media pro­duc­tion. How­ever, any­one inter­ested in sound record­ing tech­niques will learn a great deal as well.

We believe that any cre­ative process is only as strong as its raw mate­ri­als, and start­ing with the best qual­ity com­po­nents is an essen­tial part of pro­duc­ing high qual­ity fin­ished work. Sound design is a cre­ative process that relies on hav­ing access to clean, high qual­ity sound recordings.

This webi­nar will dis­cuss a range of issues for cap­tur­ing good qual­ity sound record­ings on loca­tion. Wether indoors, out­doors or at large event, there are some sim­ple guide­lines that can ensure you cap­ture the mate­r­ial you need. This ses­sion will also help you to open your ears to the sonic pos­si­bil­i­ties that sur­round you and encour­age you to find unique sound mate­r­ial to work with.

A range of equip­ment lev­els will be dis­cussed from sim­ple cheap but effec­tive solu­tions through to high end pro­fes­sional gear. “The right tool for the job is what­ever allows you to cap­ture your tar­get mate­r­ial.”  Often, the cheap­est solu­tion can give you the best results.

Audio is an an essen­tial ele­ment of Film, TV, radio and game pro­duc­tion as well as webi­nar and lec­ture pre­sen­ta­tion. Cre­at­ing high qual­ity and engag­ing audio mate­r­ial will help to ensure the over­all qual­ity of any pro­duc­tion process you undertake.

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