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Published on February 1st, 2012 | by PSE

Why Sound Matters Webinar Pt. 3

Industry-Leading Sound Recordist and Game Sound Designer

Why Sound Mat­ters Pt. 3: Enhanc­ing the Edu­ca­tional Environment

Watch Sound Mat­ters Pt. 3

Under­stand­ing how sound impacts on our lives and how we use it to com­mu­ni­cate is an essen­tial part of using sound in the pro­duc­tion of many media. Courses in film, game and music pro­duc­tion obvi­ously all ben­e­fit from a strong under­stand­ing of how we can work with sound.

Beyond tra­di­tional media sub­jects how­ever sound is a rarely used tool in the edu­ca­tion environment.

Why Sound Mat­ters part 3 con­tin­ues to explore the impor­tance of sound in our world, specif­i­cally tar­get­ing the class­room environment.

Watch Sound Mat­ters Pt. 3

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