Many of the sound effects found in the Blastwave FX catalog were recorded using a technique similar to filming against a Blue Screen. In film, the blue background makes a clean surface to shoot against which is then easy to remove and replace with the desired background at a later time. Blastwave FX has used this type of process in order to record many of our sounds as cleanly as possible, so that they can be placed anywhere in a soundtrack without the sonic characteristics of the environment that they were recorded in. With a clean sound, your options are endless. In contrast, sounds with inherent background ambience or perceivable reverb will not always fit in the scene or soundtrack that you are working on.

The idea is that if you record a sound ‘dry', without reverb or other environmental artifacts, you can then take that sound and place it in any environment using reverb modeling tools such as AudioEase's Altiverb or DIgidesign's ReVibe.  The majority of Blastwave FX's sound effects can be placed in almost any environment or combined to create completely different sounds altogether.

The Blastwave FX team also works daily in audio post production for film, multimedia and television and believes that in this high pressure industry, flexibility helps achieve efficiency.  Therefore, you'll find different versions of the same type of effect as well as loopable sound effects (search for ‘loop' in the Blastwave FX search engine).  Blastwave FX sound effects are created by sound designers for sound designers.

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