by Blastwave FX
  • An Infestation of Creepy Sound Effects
  • 1 DVD/700 sounds
Price: $249.00
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Blastwave FX dared to release... Bugs! This infestation of creepy sounds will make you shiver- a must for any editor's sound effects collection!

Bugs!, includes 700 HD sound effects with categories such as ambiences, hives, hisses, and squishes; from ants to hornets and worms to scorpions, Bugs is a comprehensive insect collection that will bring the fear factor into your productions.

Every sound was originally recorded at 24 bit 96k to ensure the highest quality for today's production needs and are ready to be plugged in to any production demanding high definition sound or 5.1 surround sound effects.

Bugs! is embedded with Metadata that is compatible with Pro Tools, Soundminer, NetMix, iTunes and other popular sound library search engines.

Price: $249.00
   •    Ambiences
    •    Ants
    •    Bees
    •    Beetles
    •    Caterpillars
    •    Cicadas
    •    Cockroaches
    •    Crickets
    •    Extermination
    •    Infestations
    •    Insect AttacksXXXX DigsXXXX MovementsXXXX Squishes
    •    Insects EatingXXXX HissingXXXX RattlesXXXX RunningXXXX Walking
    •    Insect VoicesXXXXWingsXXXX Claws
    •    Flies
    •    Hornets
    •    Larva
    •    Mosquitoes
    •    Millipedes
    •    Scorpions
    •    Slugs
    •    Spiders
    •    Termites
    •    Wasps
    •    Worms
    •    5.1 Surround Sound Elements
    •    And Much More
Price: $249.00

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