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Cartoon Trax 2
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Cartoon Trax 2

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Laughter Ingredients

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Cartoon Trax II is an all new collection that is sure to make you laugh out loud! Cartoon Trax II is the perfect way to sweeten and enhance any of your Radio, TV or Film projects and excellent tool for Sound Designer and Game Developer.

CARTOON HITS & IMPACTS: Boings, Bings, and Dings. Stretches and splats. Poofs and pops. Crashes and Catastrophies.

MUSICAL FX: Drums, Cymbals, and Gongs. Pianos and other Stringed Instruments.

CARTOON ANIMALS: Insects, Birds, and other Wild Animals. Mythological Beasts and Dragons. Human Animals.

CARTOON MACHINES, TOYS, AND FIREWORKS: CARS AND MOTORS: Laboratories and Sci-Fi. Assorted Fireworks.

ASSORTED HUMAN VULGARITIES: It is what you think… and worse!

Cartoon Trax II is a 5 audio CD plus one DVD disc set containing 1316 sound effects.