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Charles Maynes Signature Series
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Charles Maynes Signature Series

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Charles Maynes Signature Series

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Los Angeles based sound designer and recordist, Charles Maynes, has amassed an array of blockbuster movie credits. His work on such feature films as Tomb Raider, A Knight's Tale, All the Pretty Horses, U-571, Bait, and Spider-Man has made his sound legacy one of the most exciting in the industry.

His career in the audio post industry began with a job recording music. It was through his work in the music industry that Maynes developed an interest in sound designing for feature films. Since then, he has worked for many of the top studios and completed over 40 feature films. When it comes to original sound production, Maynes enjoys recording things with explosive energy (for example the gunshot sounds for the big battle in Starship Troopers and Tomb Raider) and the great outdoors (Maynes did special recordings and sound design for Twister).

The Hollywood Edge has teamed up with Maynes to offer the Charles Maynes Signature Series - a four CD set of unique, feature quality sounds selected by Maynes from his private collection. Two of the CDs within the library are Dolby Endoded, so that the end user has the option of having a four channel recording. This library was created especially for The Hollywood Edge and there is no other like it!

TECHNICAL SPECS: 4 AUDIO CDS - 44.1k, 16bit, stereo