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City Sounds - Munich Atmospheres Collection
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City Sounds - Munich Atmospheres Collection

Quick Overview

A DVD of over 50 tracks and 100+ minutes of 5.1 Surround ambiences. 

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The latest library from German publishers, following Civilisation and Industrial Soundscapes is City Sounds - Munich Atmospheres Collection.

A DVD containing 53 tracks and over 100 minutes of up-to-date, 5.1 Surround Sound ambiences that span the capital of Bavaria, City Sounds - Munich was produced in High Definition 24Bit 96kHz quality and is embedded with universally compatible metadata.

City Sounds - Munich - Tracklist

Download City Sounds - Munich Tracklist as pdf.

City Sounds - Munich Features:

  • 53 sound effects, more than 100 minutes of audio material
  • 24Bit/48kHz Version (8.17 GB) or 24Bit/96kHz (16.19 GB)
  • 53 5.1 Surround Sound .wav Files
  • 53 Stereo .wav Files
  • 53 uncoded Stereo MS (Mid-Side) .wav Files
  • Universally compatible embedded metadata