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Civilisation Soundscapes
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Civilisation Soundscapes

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Surround Sound Recordings from Everday Life

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Civilisation has many faces and many sounds. The Civilisation Soundscapes 5.1 Surround Sound Library provides a wide variety of great recordings from our daily surroundings. This library contains more than 500 recordings in 5.1 Surround Sound, collected on a LaCie Mobile Hard Drive. - that’s more than 61 gigabytes of sound in high quality 24 bit 48 kHz format. The collection also offers a full set of mp3 audition files, plus a information in several different file formats: Adobe Acrobat (TM) PDF, MS Excel (TM) and a FileMaker Pro (TM) search database.

Working with surround sound adds depth and realism to your projects. Place yourself and the viewers in the center of the action! Save time by

  • accessing a comprehensive Surround Sound Library
  • selecting files from a wide variety of pre-produced and finely tuned sounds
  • creating more sound variations for a scene than ever - in half the time
  • focusing your time and energy on the creative aspects of your work

  • The separated sounds can be easily combined. Mix different files together and create unique sounds of your own. And, conventional mono and stereo files can easily be combined with the Surround Sounds, giving you even more options to produce unique and realistic soundscapes - perfect audio backdrops for your production.