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Crashes and Explosions
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Crashes and Explosions

Quick Overview

1,000 Hard-Hitting HD Sound Effects


The Crashes And Explosions Combo Pack* is a limited-time-only collection that features 1,000 hard-hitting HD sound effects from the Blastwave FX catalog including nearly 200 previously unreleased files.

This package has enough debris elements, fires, bombs, car crashes and building explosions to destroy a small city... twice.

There are tons of crashes with glass, metal, wood, rock, brick and a mixture of elements, as well as earthquakes, fireballs, fire ambiences, Molotov cocktails, mass destruction, LFE elements and explosions from dynamite, C-4, black powder, cannons, grenades and much more. This is the collection you need to make your next project go crash, bang, boom!

Every sound effect is delivered as 24-bit/96kHz broadcast wave files complete with comprehensive metadata compatible with your favorite search engine.

The Crashes And Explosions Combo Pack from Blastwave FX – the new wave in sound effects.

*This package includes sound effects from the following products:

  • App FX
  • The Blastdrive
  • Heroes & Villains
  • LFE
  • Sonopedia 2.0
  • Sound Effects Updates
  • Sound Effects Bible Hard Drive
  • The Zombie Apocalypse