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The Firearms Foley Collection
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The Firearms Foley Collection

Quick Overview

Over 3500 high-quality sound effects.


The Firearms Foley Collection

Over 100 years of history in one collection. The Firearm Foley Collection brings together examples of some of the most famous firearms from all around the world including both civilian and military firearms.

Over 60 different models from pistols and rifles to shotguns and machine guns The Firearms Foley Collection includes many iconic and historic firearms.

  • 1911 Colt M1911-A
  • 1920 Lee Enfield 303
  • 1939 Nambu Type-14
  • 1941 Bren MKI
  • 1941 Luger 9mm
  • 1941 MP-41
  • 1942 Garand M1
  • 1943 Liberator FP-45
  • 1945 Walther PPK
  • 1960 Colt M16

Over 2000 sound recordings of a wide range of Foley actions. Magazines loaded and unloaded, attached and removed from the firearms. Cocking, dry-firing, safety catches and where appropriate recordings of mechanical sights, bipods and other accessories. This library goes beyond capturing the sounds of firearms and provides a wealth of mechanical actions sounds usable for a huge range of sound design applications.

The Firearms Foley Collection also includes a visual reference guide for making selecting your sounds an easier process. Not sure what sounds might suit your purpose best? The Reference Guide includes images of many of the firearms included in the collection. Find the type of firearm appropriate to your needs by browsing the images available.

The Firearms Foley Collection also includes over 1500 extra sounds related to Firearms. Hundreds of cartridge impacts on different surfaces recorded in a studio environment eliminate the difficulties in capturing expended ammunition sounds from noisy shooting ranges. We have also included a selection of firearms shooting as an extra bonus. From black powder muskets to modern hunting rifles these sounds are included to provide even more creative options for sound design purposes.