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NetMix Lite sound effects search software is a simple, open single-user search engine that works on both Mac and PC. Basic functionality includes:

  • SEARCH: "Google-style" text search, Browse by Category Tree
  • AUDITION: rapid-fire playback, keyboard control, waveform overview
  • DRAG N' DROP: to any audio application on Mac or PC

NetMix Lite  is an open search engine, meaning you can add your own audio files and other sound effects libraries by simply dragging and dropping. NetMix Lite will read the metadata. You can also create projects, favorite lists and use NetMix Lite to shuttle selected sounds from your hard drive to other locations on your computer.

NetMix Lite sound effects search software is included on all of Blastwave FX and BBC Sound Effects hard drive libraries, including SONOPEDIA , The BLASTDRIVE ,  TITLEWAVE and .wavFX

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