Expansion 1 for Hybrid Library Owners

We surveyed all current Hybrid Library owners to create the Expansion 1: 10,856 new sounds in must-have, hot effects categories such as Ambiences, Footsteps, Foley, Room Tones, Cinematic Elements and beyond. Delivered on a flashy USB flash drive and priced friendly for freelancers, Expansion 1 adds the next logical dimension to the Hybrid Library.
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Expansion 1 Features:
10,856 Sounds on USB 3.0 Flash Drive
>54 GB on 64 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive
> New Ambiences, Footsteps, Foley, Room    Tones, Cinematic Elements, Updates...    (demos + full list)
> New Blastwave FX, BOOM, Foundation,      Soundrangers, Soundeffects.ch
> Optimized, uniform metadata
> Additional 30 Online Library Credits
License: 1 user buyout, 100% royalty-free
Priced for Hybrid Library Owners:
$2,500 value
- Lifetime License -
100% Royalty Free
Takes < 2 min! Approval < 24 hrs.
EXPANSION 1 fills in important gaps and adds even more value to the Hybrid Library. The new Ambiences, Footsteps, Foley, and Room Tones are super useful for all types of sound design. Pro Sound Effects listened to what Hybrid Library owners asked for and delivered the right sounds at the right price! Laura Sinnott, Freelance Sound Designer, Chrystie Street Sound

Hybrid Library Expansion 1 Details:

  • 10,856 new sound effects curated based on survey and feedback from current Hybrid Library Owners

  • $2,500+ retail value, for just $750.

  • Delivered on Flashy USB 3.0 Flash Drive with Chic Carrying Case ;-)

  • The Best of the Your Category Requests! Ambiences, Footsteps, Foley, Guns, Room Tones, Cinematic Elements, Weather, Vehicles, Water and beyond!

  • Fresh Sound Effects from Hot Publishers! Blastwave FX, BOOM Library, Soundrangers, Foundation, Soundeffects.ch

  • Customize your library with additional 30 downloads from the Pro Sound Effects Online Library (125,000+).

  • Optimized, uniform, universal metadata for any sound library search engine software. Download PDF | Excel |Contents Overview

  • Designed for and by serious freelance sound designers.

  • Expansion 1 is available exclusively for Hybrid Library owners. Apply now to reserve yours! Flat $10 shipping in the US, varies internationally.

  • Includes:


Tips for Applying: