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A New Dimension in Sci Fi Effects

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Blast off with the cutting edge new science fiction sound effects collection Hyperspace. Hyperspace contains the sound elements you need to add futuristic dimension and an immersive sonic experience to your media productions. Hyperspace is a professional sound effects collection used by top talent in film, television, video games, broadcast, new media and beyond.

Next level categories include: Unearthly Ambiences, Space Age Vehicles, Aliens, Textures, Machines and Science Fiction Weapons. Within these categories you will find over 2,000 sound effects delivered on 5 Audio CDs and better yet 1 DVD-ROM that contains 26bit 48 kHz broadcast wave files. Simply drag and drop and you are ready to go. All broadcast .wav files in the Hyperspace collection contain embedded metadata compatible with sound library search software such as NetMix and Soundminer as well as application search utilities such as those found in Digibase (Pro Tools) and Nuendo. All of these features make Hyperspace an extremely user-friendly library.

You can listen to mp3 audio demo to listen to what you are interested in purchasing. The mp3 audio demo is located below the product image above to your left.

Enter the next dimension in science fiction sound effects with Hyperspace! 

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