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Industrial Soundscapes
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Industrial Soundscapes

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5.1 Surround Industrial Soundscapes

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Expand the 5.1 horizon! Industrial Soundscapes - this sound effects collection features more than 700 royalty free 5.1 Surround Sound tracks for all your production needs. All recordings were made on location and in a wide variety of environments. Industrial Soundscapes offers gigantic factory halls, empty hallways and rumbling machinery with tons of squeaking, rusty, clicking, stalling motor noises and lots of shrieking, dangerous, monotonous and extremely loud sounds and atmospheres.

This hard drive collection comes in 4 formats: choose either the 24 bit / 48 kHz version (Mac or PC platform), or the high definition 24 bit / 96 kHz version (Mac or PC platform). Please use the Order Form to make your selection.

Here is a list of the locations where recordings were made for this royalty free collection:

  • Assembly Plant
  • Bottling Plant
  • Brewery
  • Casting House
  • Large Cargo Elevator
  • Passenger Elevator
  • Extrusion Press
  • Food Production Facility
  • Forging Furnace
  • Grinding Facility
  • Hammer Mill
  • Joinery
  • Mechanical Manufacturing
  • Mill Manufacturing
  • Old & Modern Mills
  • Paper Plant
  • Printing
  • Production Hall
  • Quarry Mill
  • Recycling
  • Old & Current Saw Mills
  • Sewing
  • Ship Engine
  • Steelworks
  • Warehouse
  • Weaving Mill

  • Produced and edited with professional equipment from Sound Devices, Neumann, Schoeps and DPA, these 5.1 Surround Sound Files were recorded at a sample rate of 24Bit / 96kHz, and they are made available as 24 Bit / 48kHz standard versions, or as high definition versions - in 24 Bit / 96kHz. All sound effect files are also available in mp3 stereo versions too.

    The wav format files files are fully compatible with Soundminer and all other asset management software programs. Comprehensive documentation is also provided for those who work without meta data - the tracklist information is provided as Excel, PDF and HTML files.

    And best of all - the Industrial Soundscapes collection is delivered on a Lacie 80GB/120GB P-Line hard disc (formatted for either the Macintosh or PC platform - just let us know in your Order Notes). Simply hook up the Industrial Soundscapes 5.1 Surround Sound Library to your computer and transfer all the sound files immediately to your computer hard disk or audio server. Don't put up with time-wasting data transfers anymore! Industrial Soundscapes Libraries are Plug and Play enabled.