PSE Licensing Features

Each one of our clients is unique. We provide licensing services that cover only what the client needs, and our custom-tailored, consultative approach to sound effects licensing reflects that. Our philosophy is to provide the absolute best value to our clients, and we work with each one directly to determine what exactly that is. Here is an overview of the most commonly utilized licensing features, and how they may come into play. Please view our <Licensing Guide & FAQ> page for answers to more specific questions, and of course, feel free to at any time to speak with a licensing specialist.


2+ Users to 1000's

  • Multi-User Licensing – If you have more than one person who will access or edit with sound effects, we can set you up with a proper license to make sure all of your work is covered. We treat companies with two engineers just as we treat a university with 40,000+ students.

  • Simple, Safe & Legal: We are the licensed copyright administrators for all of our catalogs – this enables us to guarantee that your specific usage is always simple, safe and legal.

  • Blanket Coverage – No matter how many productions you plan to use the sound effects in, you are COVERED.

  • Continual Updates – Looking to expand your sound effects collection? Your business growing? Downsizing? If anything changes on your end, we are prepared to amend and update your license on the fly to account for your evolving needs.


Flexible & Custom

  • Local Servers – Buy one hard drive, license your whole group, and set up your sound effects on a local server for simple sharing.

  • Hosted Web Solutions – Do you need remote access for a large constituency of users? We install bespoke hosted web systems with analytics to get all of your editors, students, faculty, or other personnel instant and universal access to your libraries.

  • Universal Metadata – All of our sound effects come with embedded metadata compatible with the most popular asset management systems, such as Netmix and Soundminer.


  • Simple Licensing – Each license is crafted to spec by a licensing specialist. We'll present you easy-to-digest options that suit your needs and budget.

  • World Class Catalogs – PSE exclusively represents some of the very best sound effects brands from all around the globe, including Blastwave FX, the BBC, Foundation, Soundrangers, Sound Control SE, Clack, and

  • One Agreement – Bundle libraries from different brands into one license agreement. We can write and re-write your license as your needs change, so you can focus on your making killer productions, not worrying about licenses!

Custom Applications

  • Web & Mobile Apps – We work with many interactive media design companies to ensure proper licensing for sounds used in mobile or web-based technology – whether it’s games, utilities, chat plug-ins, or all of the above, we can write you a mechanical license for one sound or thousands.

  • Physical Goods – Got an idea for the biggest toy sensation since the Whoopie Cushion, but you just need the right sound to put it over the top? We’ll set you up with a custom, mechanical license for whatever sounds you need.

  • OEM Product Bundling – PSE exclusively controls over 120,000 sound effects, so we can put together just about any library of sounds to bundle with your software – from it’s video production, audio post workstations, or plug-in bundles – if your customers would benefit from an out-of-the-box sound effects solution, we can provide that.