Licensing Guide

  • Single User
  • Multi User
  • Custom Application
    Licensing for Sound Effects

Here we've put together a basic guide intended to simplify your understanding of sound effects licensing. Whether you need a single-user, multi-user or custom application license for your sound effects – well, you’re about to find out.

Sound Effects Licensing is Similar to Software Licensing

Sound effects collections are sold and licensed in a manner similar to software applications. When you buy 1 copy of a software application, you are entitled to an individual, single-user license to use that software (see the PSE Individual End User License). Similarly, when you purchase a Pro Sound Effects collection or catalog, you are automatically entitled to 1 Single -User License to use and access that collection. If you require that 2 or more users access that sound effects collection, you will need to obtain a Multi-User License from PSE. As is the case with software, there are additional fees that apply for multiple users.


Single User Licenses

All sound effects libraries purchase here entitle you as a single user to royalty-free, lifetime synchronization rights in a non-networked environment (detailed in the PSE Individual End User License).

Examples of synchronized usages that are covered by the PSE Individual End User License include:

  • TV, Film and Radio productions
  • Video Game productions
  • Websites (button clicks, animations, background sounds etc.)
  • Podcasts
  • Internet-based finish media such as YouTube videos

For questions regarding Single User Licenses, email

Multi User Licenses

Multi-User Licenses are required for organizations with 2 or more users or in circumstances that require networked access to sound effects collections. If you wish to make use of your sound effects in this manner, you will need to obtain a Multi-User License that takes into account your additional licensing specifications of your networked and/or 2+ user production environment.

Multi-User Licenses fees are calculated based on:

  • the sound effects collections you already own and/or wish to purchase
  • the number of users, method of access and usage
  • the license term (1 yr., 3 yr., 5 yr.)

The Pro Sound Effects Multi-User License provides simple, one-stop annual blanket or perpetual buyout licensing options custom tailored to your organizations production needs, user base, existing catalogs, ongoing sound effects needs, as well as your specific technology infrastructure. Our clients range from 2 person production studios and local education facilities to large international media enterprises with 1000’s of users and everything in between.

For a full list of licensing and service features available with The Pro Sound Effects Multi-User License or for more information on Multi-User Licensing, please contact PSE at

Custom Application Licensing for Sound Effects

Pro Sound Effects offers many custom sound effects licensing options that permit use of our sound effects catalogs in various unsynchronized and asynchronous playbackformats. Because PSE exclusively administers licensing for many of the world’s premier sound effects catalogs, we are able to provide flexible, one-stop licensing options for any type of use and across multiple applications. We control and license a constantly growing catalog of over 150,000 professional sound effects that span the sonic spectrum. If you need any particular type of sound, chances are we have it and in the rare case we don't, we can create it. Contact