Unlimited Usage, Unlimited Productions. Fully Flexible Pricing.

PSE libraries are designed to deliver a lifetime of value with simple licensing, flexible pricing and free annual updates. PSE Libraries are licensed, not sold to you. Your payment gives you the license to use our libraries royalty-free in any productions you create. You own what you create with our sound effects. Like software, PSE libraries are licensed and priced based on the number of users you have. In either scenario, we’ll give you the choice between buyout or annual pricing. Learn more about single user, multi-user (2+) licensing and related pricing below:

  • 1 user to 1000’s

    We’ll cover you for unlimited usage. 100% royalty-free.

  • Free Annual Updates

    Your PSE library stays fresh and continually expands.

  • Buyout or Annual Pricing

    Choose the option that best suits your needs and budget.

Some of our Clients

Single User

Single users get our Individual End User License Agreement (IEULA). Your IEULA will cover your royalty-free PSE library usage as an individual, and guarantee lifetime rights to anything you create with our sound effects.

By default, any purchase through the PSE website comes with a one-user perpetual license. For our two most in-demand general libraries (Hybrid Library, Master Library 2.0) we offer annual licensing 
and payment options.

Single User Clients
Default License Agreement

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If you represent 2 or more users, we will set you up with a Multi-User License Agreement (MULA). Your MULA will include our standard unlimited royalty-free usage and customized to include:

  • – The # users you have
  • – Commercial vs non-commercial (academic)
  • – Buyout vs. annual payment terms.

We make it simple, fast and flexible – you can add or subtract users as your organization changes. Soundminer Server? Shared Storage? No problem.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Since 2004, we’ve been providing licensing solutions that help top companies create and deliver better media faster than ever. Check out some examples:

  • Post Production
  • Film and Cinema
  • Broadcast
  • Video Games
  • Education
  • Apps & Beyond
PSE set us up with a multi-­user license for the Master Library that is affordably structured and gives all of our sound designers access to a great range of excellent quality material!

Pricing Examples for PSE General Libraries

Hybrid Library

55,000 Sounds

Users Annual License Fee Lifetime Buyout Price
1 User $1,295 / year $3,995
2-5 Users $1,795 / year* Get Quote
6-10 Users $2,495 / year* Get Quote
11-20 Users $3,495 / year* Get Quote
20+ Users Get Quote Get Quote

Master Library 2.0

175,000 Sounds

Users Annual License Fee Lifetime Buyout Price
1 User $2,995 / year $11,995
2-5 Users $3,795 / year* Get Quote
6-10 Users $4,995 / year* Get Quote
11-20 Users $6,995 / year* Get Quote
20+ Users Get Quote Get Quote

*Typical pricing – your quote may be more or less than those listed above depending on your specific team size and needs. Please request a Licensing Consultation below to discuss with a licensing specialist and get an exact quote.

Custom Libraries and Online-Only Access Plans are also available. Get a quick consult and we’ll help you get exactly what you need! Get a Quote

Key License Features

  • Free annual updates (included)
  • Flexible license agreement customized to your needs
  • Regular upgrade paths offered (additional)
  • Access Online, on Hard Drive, or on your server.
  • Annual License pricing based on minimum three-year commitment.

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