Pro Sound Effects Multi-User License

 If you have 2+ users or require networked access to sound effects libraries, you will need to obtain a special Multi-User License not covered in our default Single-User IEULA.  

The Pro Sound Effects (PSE) Multi-User License gives your company fully-integrated, single source access to the world’s premier sound effects catalogs. We provide a one-stop, full-service licensing solution and sound effects resources to meet all of your production demands worldwide. Sign Up now for a free demo & licensing consultation, catalog downloads and PSE Web Engine access.

PSE Multi-User License Features:

  • The Pro Sound Effects Library – our current collection of rich and unique catalogs combine to span the sonic spectrum and provide an unparallelled universe of sound effects resources.
  • One-Stop, Flexible Blanket Licensing - we are the legal licensor for all of our catalogs- no fine print or third party hassles. Simple, straightforward licensing with no reporting and performance royalties. Scalable from 2 to 1000’s of users.
  • Hard Drive Delivery – convenient, networkable hard drive with intuitive search software for easy search, browse audition and import.
  • Sound Effects Updates –PSE keeps your library evolving with fresh and relevant sound effects digitally delivered every 3 months.
  • PSE Sound Concierge Service – Can’t find it? Need some help putting together a custom sound effects playlist? Get quick, on-call, creative assistance.
  • Universal Compatibility  – our catalogs blend easily with your existing sound library and asset management system. We deliver with NetMix, Soundminer, bext, iXML, id3 and any additional metadata or file formats you may require.
  • PSE Web Engine – Instantly Search, Browse, Audition and Download (powered by NetMix Web). PSE can also provide Hosted & Software Solutions
  • Custom and Exclusive Sound Effects- our global network of sound effects artists and producers will create custom-made, bespoke  and exclusive sound effects and designs for any production requirement.
  • Hosted & Software Solutions – PSE will recommend and facilitate a sound library management system custom tailored to your company’s requirements.
  • PSE Library Training: we show you how to get the most out of your library from the start!

Contact a PSE for licensing consultation by calling 646 706 7728 x7 or emailing

You  may also sign up at the top of this page to access demos, free sampler downloads from each of our catalogs and access to the PSE Web Engine, so you can search, browse and audition our entire sound effects library (lo-resolution mp3 format).

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