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Premiere Edition Vol. 6
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Premiere Edition Vol. 6

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Premiere Edition 6 is an all new super-tool to sweeten and enhance every one of your Radio, TV, Film or Game projects and is the perfect compliment for the follow-up release Premiere Edition 7.

The Premiere Edition 6 delves into exotic and era-specific sounds in all sorts of categories -- sounds never available before anywhere. Highlights include: antique aircraft and modern military weaponry and a complete selection of military and civilian helicopters. Premiere Edition 6 also contains unheard of exotic nature backgrounds and public event ambiences. And how about a political rally in Spanish? You name it, this set has got it. It’ll take you through jungles, on buzz cruise ships and land you spmack dab in the middle of Central Park.

10 CDs + 2 Bonus DVDs

PE 61: Civilian and Military Helicopters
PE 62: Civilian & Military Airplanes, Maritime
PE 63: Watercraft Backgrounds, Water Splashes, Fishing & Scuba
PE 64: Water Movement, Exotic Frog & Cricket Backgrounds
PE 65: Rural & Urban Outdoor Backgrounds
PE 66: Insects & Public Event Backgrounds
PE 67: Children & Adult Vocals, Eating
PE 68: Clocks
PE 69: Household & Logging
PE 70: Fire, Ice & Weapons