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Premiere Edition Vol. 7
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Premiere Edition Vol. 7

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Premiere Update Edition

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Premiere Edition 7, fully conceived to be synergistic with Premiere Edition 6, does stand very well on its own but the two are truly perfect siblings. The categories from Premiere Edition 6 that are revisited in Premiere Edition 7 are very well worth revisiting -- like children vocals, urban backgrounds and watersound effects, and each are completely unique recordings.

This set fills out to completion the background ambiences showcased in Premiere Edition 6, but in addition provides some truly comprehensive automobile sets, from S.U.V.’s to an MG B. Taking a beat from the automobile theme, there are also many complimentary traffic and construction backgrounds. Taking a step away from man made propulsion and into human propulsion- Premiere Edition 7 has some unique Foley tracks ready for your instant use. This jam packed set contains some nicely detailed retail backgrounds to help add realism to any public scene. Last but not least, there are some very well recorded natural water effects, not too white noisy.

This latest in the legendary Hollywood Edge Flagship Collection contains over 1150 effects. Categories include: Sedans, Sports Cars, S.U.V.s and Trucks. Traffic and City Backgrounds, Construction, Footsteps, Water, Wind, Mud, Animals, Doors, Buttons, Foley and Medical effects round out this offering of unique effects. 10 Audio CDs + 2 (Bonus) DVDs .

PE 61: Sedan & Muscle Car Sets
PE 62: MGB & S.U.V. Sets
PE 63: Truck Set & Various Auto Operations
PE 64: Traffic Backgrounds
PE 65: City Backgrounds
PE 66: Construction
PE 67: Footsteps, Laughter & Children Vocals
PE 68: Wind, Water & Mud
PE 69: Train Station, Retail & Service Backgrounds
PE 70: Animals, Doors, Buttons, Foley & Medical