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Premiere Edition Vol. 9
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Premiere Edition Vol. 9

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The SFX Legacy

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Legendary sound designer, Alan Howarth's PE 9 collection is the best of his feature film general elements. To begin, all his best animal collection is presented here including big and small, cats, dogs, birds, horses, bears, camels, elephants, snakes and realistically designed dinosaurs. He has included his cartoon effects, crowds of every reaction and background, foley props and footsteps, fight effects, and wide variety of sport sounds. The really big sound effects of earthquakes, volcanoes, rock slides, avalanche, fissures, and landslides, everything to cover a total planet meltdown are here. In this installment, there is a huge variety of water effects, from oceans, rivers, streams and waves to waterfalls, splashes and underwater effects. His best natural and designed weather sounds round out this library with many original recordings of rain, thunder and wind.