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Master Library 2.0
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Master Library 2.0

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Our Complete, Most Comprehensive Solution

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Say hello to our Biggest Baddest Library!

At 2.1 Terabytes and 175,000 sound effects, Master Library 2.0 is PSE’s most comprehensive, curated and complete library for professional media production. Next level features include online access, annual updates and subscribe or buy pricing options:

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  • 175,000 Sound Effects (2.1 TB): Delivered on 3 TB USB 3.0 hard drive or on your server
  • Spans the Sonic Spectrum A to Z: PSE’s most comprehensive library
  • Curated from PSE’s World-Class Recordists
  • 24/7 Online Access from any computer
  • Native Broadcast .wav formats: 24/96, 24/48, 16/48, 16/44.1
  • Optimized Metadata for pinpoint searches
  • Free Annual Updates delivered digitally
  • 100% Royalty-Free License with Subscribe or Buy options
  • Master Library Warranty & 3 Year Data Replacement



All sound effects in the PSE Master Library contain rich embedded metadata that enable accurate search results on any system and is compatible with Pro Tools, Soundminer, NetMix, iTunes, and other popular audio asset management systems and sound library software. All sound effects are descriptively named and intuitively categorized for easy browsing.



The Master Library’s 175,000 sound effects are curated exclusively from our world-class catalogs and recordists. Categories range broadly from the modern high definition sounds of technology, science fiction and 5.1 elements (Blastwave FX) to iconic historical and nature archives (BBC, Quiet Planet), to catalogs developed for feature film (Sound Control SE, Big Room), video game (Foundation),interactive applications (Soundrangers) and beyond. Ultimately, you get a vast sonic resource that delivers lifetime of value, gives you the competitive edge and provides limitless creative possibilities - whether you are a serious single sound designer to a multinational media production company with 1000’s of users.

Publisher Catalog # Sounds Short Description Format Price
Blastwave FX 63,065 The New Wave: Contemporary HD Sound Effects, Production Elements, & Sound Effects by recordist Ric Viers. 24/96 $5,999.00
Soundrangers 29,524 Created and optimized for interactive media prodution by award-winning interactive designers. All new 10,000 sound update added in April 2015! 24/48 & 24/96 $3,900.00
BBC 29,423 Iconic, globe-spanning collection Historical, Nature (Planet Earth), and General Sound Effects 16/44.1 $4,999.00
Foundation 25,323 Unique library recorded in Austraiia, Asia and North America. FMOD guru, Stephan Schutze, includes game design elements, rare Aviation sounds, other-worldly Ambient Textures, Spaces and more. 16/48 $2,995.00
Pro Sound Effects / Niche 8,607 Hand-picked niche sound effects selected to round-out and compliment the PSE Master Library. Includes Rare Animals, Clack, and more. 16/44.1 & 24/48 $1,500.00
Big Room Sound 8,454 Used to design award-winning feature films, television and documentaries. Recordist: J.R. Fountain 24/96 $995.00
SoundBits 6,229 Hi-def, cutting edge contemporary sounds by recordist and sound designer Saro Sahihi. 24/96 $557.00
Sound Control SE 1,890 Cutting-edge feature film effects from award-winning sound designer & recordist Ken Sköglund. 16/48 $538.00 1,449 5.1 soundscapes and Room Tones, spanning the globe and sonic spectrum. Recordist: Guido Helbling 24/96 $2,365.00
Quiet Planet 839 Pristine nature sounds from expert recordist, acoustic ecologist, and Emmy award winner Gordon Hempton. 24/48 $1,443.00
    You save: 52% $13,391.00
Master Library Total 174,803 The Complete Sound Effects Solution   $ 11,900.00



1 User Annual Subscription $4,000/yr.
1 User Perpetual Buyout $11,900
2-5 User Annual Subscription $4,750/yr.
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By default the Master Library comes with our IEULA, a single user synch license. As a single user you have Buy-Out and Annual Subscription Options. If you have 2 or more users, we recommend you contact us:

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At certain points in time, hard drives can fail. We’ve all been there.

 If your drive fails within 3 years, we will rush replace the drive and data on us. Keep in mind you always have 24/7 unlimited access to our Online Library with the same sounds.

After 3 years, should your drive fail, we will replace it and any data at our own cost.