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Quick Overview

130 wind recordings at a full range of intensities.

Availability: In stock



WINDS contains 130 carefully recorded wind sounds in a full range of intensities from zephyr to raging storm in natural settings and built environments.

These recordings sound different than those in other sound libraries which use artificial sources. Quiet Planet offers a nuanced collection of true winds with details like the rustling of leaves, the whistling hiss of pine needles and the deep roar of expansive deserts. These details facilitate richer, subtler and more intimate and evocative sound design, thus more compelling listening experiences.

Metadata (SoundMiner® readable) include: type of substrate, geographic location, intensity, plus suggestions on using particular sounds to achieve the best results.

Key Features:
- Specs: 130 .wav files (24 bit / 48kHz)
- Size: 5 GB
- Length: 5+ hrs
- Format: Digital Download ($199) or USB ($219)
We will send you download links as soon as humanly possible and within 24 hours.

This library is also available in interleaved 5.0 surround (13GB). Contact us at if interested.