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Rare Animals Sound Effects Library
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Rare Animals Sound Effects Library

Quick Overview

Rare and Unique Animal Recordings

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The PSE Rare Animals Library is a collection of unique animal sounds from field recordings around the world. They have been meticulously edited and mastered for cross-industry sound design usage from Games to Mobile/Interactive and traditional Film/Broadcast.

The Rare Animals Sound Effects Library was built from one principal aim: To find, nurture and release rare animal sound effects into the wild. Pro Sound Effects sourced the nature catalogs and archives from its existing global partners for the rarest field recordings, the most unusual of which were hand-selected by Brooklyn Sound Society's Neil Benezra to re-master and restore. This collection of animal effects was edited and optimized for game and interactive industries in mind, so most are shorter, trigger-able sounds. The library also contains a collection of ambiences—longer, environmental sound effects that can be further edited, or used as backgrounds.

Key Features include:

• Over 1,000 unique recordings

• Optimum restoration, noise reduction (using the Cedar plug-in), equalization and mastering by Brooklyn Sound Society

• Detailed metadata, including species categories, descriptions, plus the time and place of each effect's recording 

• Hand-picked rarities, from high-caliber archives and historical catalogs


View the rare animals included in this library within the Contents section, or in the Tracklisting.

Download the track listing here (xls).