The Pro Sound Effects Rare Animal Olympic Competition




If you're caught up in the thrill of the Summer Olympics, and itching to represent your sound designer flag, have we ever got news for you.

Pro Sound Effects is hosting its own Olympics competition through Monday, August 13th. To win the gold, you will need Olympic-caliber creativity, superior sound design chops, and a few sound effects from our new Rare Animals Sound Effects Library.

Here's how it works:


Register & Download

• Head to our Online Library, sign in (or register if you still haven't created a login).

Redeem your download credits here, by entering the trial code RAREOLYMPIAN. You now have access to five sound effects—choose them wisely. Sort through the Rare Animals effects by either checking the "PSE Rare Animals" box, under "Library" on the left, or by simply clicking here. (You can also log in, then preview and pick your five sound effects first. When you're ready to check out, enter the trial code there.)

• Using your choice of those Rare Animals sound effects, plus as many outside effects of your own as you'd like, create an Olympic event that adheres to the following criteria...



The Contestant must create one of the following options, and all entries must last between 20-30* seconds (*lengthened due to popular demand):

            • Stage a Rare Animals Olympic Wrestling match between at least two Animals. There must be a clear winner!

            • Imagine and create a Rare Animals Triathlon. Pick three Animals for your Olympic dream team, and design their respective leg of the race.

            • Pick your favorite Summer Olympics event to recreate as a Rare Animals Contest. 

• You are not limited to using just the Rare Animal sound effects of your choosing. You can bring your own sounds to the competition.

• Sound manipulation (for example, use of plugins) is allowed.

• All work must be original.



Upload your entry — SoundCloud works great— and submit it to the PSE's Facebook Page by pasting a link to our timeline. Remember, you have until midnight EDT on Monday, Aug 13th.


The Prize

The winner will win their own copy of the entire Rare Animals Library (and Olympic glory, of course). 


The Judges

The PSE team will be presiding over the competition.


So start stretching, get in your lane, affix those mouth-guards, get set.... go!