Room Tones Bundle V1.10

  • 'Room Tones V1.10' and 'Industrial Room Tones' Sound Libraries.
  • 1 Hard Drive/176 sounds

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Room Tones Bundle

Room Tones Bundle V1.10 comprises the 'Industrial 5.1 Room Tones' library and 'Room Tones V1.10' library, which includes the 'IR1 Impulse Response Set,' altogether offering 176 room tone atmospheres and 54 impulse response sets. All sounds are sorted and categorized.

Industrial 5.1 Room Tones includes:

  • 46 room & design tones from's massive Industrial Soundscapes 5.1 Archive
  • 24-bit / 96kHz quality
  • atmospeheres with varying characteristics including electronic, ventilation, humming, droning, whizzing, or just quiet.

Room Tones V1.10 includes:

  • 130 room tones in MS stereo, L/R stereo, 5.1, and 11.1 Auro-3D® formats
  • 24-bit / 96kHz quality
  • diverse atmospheres including apartments, bars, churches, basements, electric, industrial, quiet/silent rooms, and rooms with ventilation, clocks ticking, compressors running, and more
  • IR1 Impulse Response Set, which includes:

    • 54 sets with configurations for 11.1 Auro-3D®, 5.1, quad, stereo, and mono applications
    • platforms for Avid TL Space (24-bit / 96kHz) and Audio Ease Altiverb 6 & 7 (24-bit / 48kHz)
    • impulse set locations include various corridors, halls, domestic rooms, bathrooms, staircases, through walls, and at different distances

Sound Design with Room Tones

Room tones convey an important message. They contribute to the mood and character of a room by, for instance, making it either cold and hostile or warm, safe, and familiar. They allow you to work creatively with ambient sound instead of just filling gaps in the original recording. Room tones are an important element of sound design and can be used very creatively.

Availability: In stock

Price: $375.00

Availability: In stock

Price: $375.00

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