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Scene Creator Music Library
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Scene Creator Music Library

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Atmospheric Musical Ambiences

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It is kind of hard to explain, but sometimes there is a need for a background that is not really a music theme and not really a sound effect. It is is something in between. Something that will set the pace without getting in the way. Something that creates an ambiance or an atmosphere. Yeah, an atmosphere... Well, here it is, and we call it "THE SCENE CREATOR". The "Scene Creator" is a five CD set of three minute cuts written and produced to portray atmospheres and pacing in categories like Mellow, Tension, Science-Electronic, and Activity.

Each three minute Atmosphere Theme has a full mix and two alternate mixes that break down the elements of the theme. The Atmosphere Theme can be used as a full mix or, if the need is lighter one of its lighter mixes can be used.

You can use a "Scene Creator" straight off the CD as they are mixed or you can create your version by editing and layering elements. By editing between versions, you can create your own new version, and by using multitracking you can layer different themes together to create a totally different Atmosphere.

This set is easy to use and easy to edit. Sixty and Thirty second versions are also included.